Laureate Nu

Membership & Dues

Laureate Nu was formed in 2007. We currently have 11 enthusiastic active members, ranging in age from late 50's to young 65's (who live mostly in the South).

Our members hold degrees from Preceptor through to Master.

Chapter Annual Dues: $75


Our Chapter meets twice a month on the second & fourth Tuesdays at 7:30 pm, IN MEMBER'S HOMES, with all members taking their turn as hostess.

We are a Career Chapter with one Program and one Business meeting a month from September to May. We encourage our ladies to include a few cultural outings, which are always well received, as our monthly Program.

All Chapter members share in planning our programs and socials.

Social Events

We usually hold one Members' and one Mixed Social every 2 months, which builds our friendships (and our waistlines).

Members' Socials

Attending local amateur theatre productions has become very popular with our members. To a Beta Sigma Phi Convention in the early spring where we rejuvenate our spirit.

Mixed Socials

Our members and spouses are always ready for a fun filled evening including scavenger hunts, murder mysteries, games nights and Christmas Brunch.

Special Events

Some of the highlights of our sorority year include: - Beginning Day at the end of August.

Girls' Christmas Party on the 2nd Tuesday of December.

Progression Party in March (to which we invite any prospect members from other Chapters who are ready to progress to the Laureate level).

Wind-up Party at the end of the year where we take special pleasure in reveal of Secret Sisters, plus a great dinner party. Special events night to honor our "Woman of the Year"

Service Projects

We always have fun filling Christmas bags or shoe boxes, helping at the Veterans Food Bank or walking in the CIBC Run For The Cure which we have participated in for more than 10 years. We also provide annual cash donations to various needy organizations.

Secret Sisters

We choose a Secret Sister each year and take great delight in trying to keep her in suspense while remembering her on her birthday, at Christmas and at our Wind-Up Party where we finally reveal who we are.

Joining Our Chapter

We are always anxious to welcome new and enthusiastic ladies, with their fresh ideas, to our Chapter. If you would like to know more about us or would like to visit one of our meetings, please contact our Calgary City Council, who will contact our vice President/Membership chairman at We would love to hear from you!

Executive Council

President: Gisela Ironside
Vice President: Karen Szarkowicz
Treasurer: Mickie Ashman
Recording Secretary: Audrey Morrison
Corresponding Secretary: Sharon Hall
City Council Rep: Gertie Hegholz